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i  alsa-base - dummy package to ease purging of obsolete conffiles
i  chkconfig - system tool to enable or disable system services
i A cpp-4.8 - GNU C preprocessor
i A cpp-4.9 - GNU C preprocessor
i  faac - AAC audio encoder.
i A gcc-4.8 - GNU C compiler
i  gcc-4.8-base - GCC, the GNU Compiler Collection (base package)
i A gcc-4.9 - GNU C compiler
i  gcc-4.9-base - GCC, the GNU Compiler Collection (base package)
id gstreamer1.0-libav - FFmpeg plugin for GStreamer
i  handbrake - Versatile DVD ripper and video transcoder
i A handbrake-cli - Versatile DVD ripper and video transcoder (command line)
id lame - Open source MP3 encoder
i  libaacplus2 - AAC+ encoding library - runtime files
i A libaacs0 - free-and-libre implementation of AACS
i A libappstream1 - Library to access AppStream services
i  libapt-inst1.5 - deb package format runtime library
i  libapt-pkg4.12 - package management runtime library
i A libasan0 - AddressSanitizer -- a fast memory error detector
i A libasan1 - AddressSanitizer -- a fast memory error detector
i A libavcodec56 - Library to encode decode multimedia streams - runtime files
i  libavformat56 - FFmpeg file format library
idA libavresample2 - FFmpeg audio conversion library
i A libavutil-dev - FFmpeg avutil devel files - devel files
i A libavutil54 - FFmpeg avutil library - runtime files
i A libbasicusageenvironment0 - multimedia RTSP streaming library (BasicUsageEnvironment class)
i A libbluray1 - Blu-ray disc playback support library (shared library)
i  libboost-iostreams1.55.0 - Boost.Iostreams Library
i A libdca-dev - decoding library for DTS Coherent Acoustics streams (development)
i A libdca0 - decoding library for DTS Coherent Acoustics streams
id libdirac-decoder0 - open and royalty free high quality video codec - decoder library
id libdirac-dev - open and royalty free high quality video codec - development files
i  libdirac-encoder0 - open and royalty free high quality video codec - encoder library
i  libdns-export100 - Exported DNS Shared Library
i A libdts-dev - backward compatibility place-holder for libdca
id libfaac-dev - AAC audio encoder - devel files.
i A libfaac0 - AAC audio encoder - library files.
i A libfdk-aac1 - Fraunhofer FDK AAC codec library.
id libffms2-3 - Cross platform ffmpeg wrapper library
i A libgcc-4.8-dev - GCC support library (development files)
i A libgcc-4.9-dev - GCC support library (development files)
idA libgif4 - library for GIF images (library)
i  libgnutls-deb0-28 - GNU TLS library - main runtime library
i A libgroupsock4 - multimedia RTSP streaming library (network interfaces and sockets)
id libguess1 - High-speed character set detection library.
i  libhogweed2 - low level cryptographic library (public-key cryptos)
i  libicu52 - International Components for Unicode
i  libirs-export91 - Exported IRS Shared Library
i  libisc-export95 - Exported ISC Shared Library
i  libisccfg-export90 - Exported ISC CFG Shared Library
i A libisl10 - manipulating sets and relations of integer points bounded by linear constraints
i  libjson-c2 - JSON manipulation library - shared library
id liblept4 - image processing library
i A liblistaller-glib0 - 3rd-party application installer (shared library)
i A liblivemedia42 - multimedia RTSP streaming library
i  liblognorm1 - Log normalizing library
id liblsmash2 - Loyal to Spec of Mpeg4 and Ad-hoc Simple Hackwork
i  libmodemmanagerqt1 - Qt wrapper for ModemManager DBus API
id libmp3lame-dev - Development files for LAME
i A libmp3lame0 - Shared libraries for MP3 encoding
i A libmp4v2-2 - MP4 container library - runtime files
i  libmsn0.3 - high-level C++ library for MSN Messenger [runtime]
i  libnettle4 - low level cryptographic library (symmetric and one-way cryptos)
i  libnetworkmanagerqt1 - Qt wrapper for NetworkManager API
i A libopenjpeg5 - JPEG 2000 image compression/decompression library - runtime
i  libpackagekitqt4-0 - Library for accessing PackageKit using Qt4
i A libpng12-0 - PNG library - runtime
i  libprocps3 - library for accessing process information from /proc
i  libprotobuf9 - protocol buffers C++ library
i  libpsl0 - Library for Public Suffix List (shared libraries)
i A libquicktime2 - Library for reading and writing Quicktime files
i  libreadline6 - GNU readline and history libraries, run-time libraries
i A librtmp1 - Toolkit for RTMP streams (shared library)
i A libruby2.1 - Libraries necessary to run Ruby 2.1
i A libschroedinger-1.0-0 - library for encoding/decoding of Dirac video streams
i  libschroedinger-dev - library for encoding/decoding of Dirac video streams (development files)
i  libsidplayfp3 - Library to play Commodore 64 music based on libsidplay2
i  libssl1.0.0 - Secure Sockets Layer toolkit - shared libraries
i A libstdc++-4.9-dev - GNU Standard C++ Library v3 (development files)
i A libswresample1 - FFmpeg audio rescaling library
i  libswscale-dev - Development files for libswscale
i A libswscale3 - FFmpeg video scaling library
idA libtidy-0.99-0 - HTML syntax checker and reformatter - library
i  libtommath0 - multiple-precision integer library [runtime]
i A libtxc-dxtn-s2tc0 - Texture compression library for Mesa
i A libusageenvironment2 - multimedia RTSP streaming library (UsageEnvironment classes)
i A libutvideo15 - Ut Video Codec Suite library
i  libvpx1 - VP8 and VP9 video codec (shared library)
idA libwebp5 - Lossy compression of digital photographic images.
i A libx264-146 - x264 video coding library
id libx264-dev - Development files for libx264
i A libx265-51 - x265 video coding library
i A libxapian22 - Search engine library
i  libxtables10 - netfilter xtables library
id libxvidcore-dev - High quality ISO MPEG4 codec library -- development files
i  libxvidcore4 - High quality ISO MPEG4 codec library
i  listaller - 3rd-party application installer
i  livemedia-utils - multimedia RTSP streaming tools
i  metaconfig - Configuration management system. Automate all your sysadm work!
i  plasma-containments-addons - additional containment plugins for Plasma
i A postgresql-9.4 - object-relational SQL database, version 9.4 server
i A postgresql-client-9.4 - front-end programs for PostgreSQL 9.4
i A python-proctitle - This is a Python module for setting the process title and name
i  python-reportbug - Python modules for interacting with bug tracking systems
i  python-support - automated rebuilding support for Python modules
i  quicktime-utils - Library for reading and writing Quicktime files (utilities)
i A ruby2.1 - Interpreter of object-oriented scripting language Ruby
i  spye - The Spye Python Engine (Spye)
i  spye-firewall - spye-firewall
iB spye-sikkerhedorg - spye-sikkerhedorg
iB spye-tdn - spye-tdn
i A vdpau-va-driver - VDPAU-based backend for VA API
i  virtualbox-5.2 - Oracle VM VirtualBox
id x264 - Video encoder for the H.264/MPEG-4 AVC standard

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